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Some of the layer masks made by students learning Photoshop can be pretty scary. And then there are some that are so good it’s… scary. Like any veteran designer will tell you, most of the software skills used in the industry require a lot of practice. And with that, dear followers, another Inktober draws to […]

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Only in October

It’s interesting how many news stories center around things that happened in the past. It’s a disgusting tactic that is used to discredit and undermine the worthiness of a candidate. Instead of being disappointed with the targeted candidate, I reach a new level of disdain for the media and the campaigns that dig up the bones. Have we really […]

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Day and Night

‘Birds of a feather flock together’, the saying goes. In that case, throw me in with the roosters because I am most definitely a morning person.

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Time to Rest

Like the fading daylight of autumn, another fun-filled Inktober draws to a peaceful close. Better let the sketchbook and sharpies get some shut-eye before the next inkling. Thanks for all the follows, likes, comments and shares over the past 31 days. It’s rewarding and encouraging to know that there’s an audience for my random illustrations and observations. Please be sure […]

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Field Ghoul

Beetlejuice, Tim Burton’s ‘ghost with the most’, sports some official-looking attire, so why not have him throw a few flags?  

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It’s safe to say our approach to portraiture has changed over the years. Producing a collodion portrait a century ago required skill, craftsmanship, some science and a fair amount of patience. In the same amount of time today, one can snap a hundred images. Which likeness holds more value?

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I still marvel at how consumed we are with the cell phone. How did we ever live without it? More amazing is how tuned in some teens tend to be. I wonder if their heads and necks will evolve in order to improve image reception.

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Parenting Millennials

I probably sound like Ward Cleaver when I remind my children how rough our lives were compared to theirs. It’s apparent that every generation has a horror story to tell their children to make them appreciate how good they have it. Ironically, we still make it a goal to want better for our kids than […]

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It amazes me the number of people who choose to be unprepared. Even when given full opportunity to take the necessary steps to be ready, some still hold out for a quick fix. It’s probably not very merciful to think that these individuals have what’s coming to them, but when everyone else is working hard […]

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At times in my life it feels there are some pretty big obstacles to overcome. I’d like to say that my instinct is to ask for help, but most of the time I’m overanalyzing an approach to just ‘get over it’ by myself. This is rarely successful. After I fall flat on my face, I […]