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I still marvel at how consumed we are with the cell phone. How did we ever live without it? More amazing is how tuned in some teens tend to be. I wonder if their heads and necks will evolve in order to improve image reception.

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I’m amazed at my kids’ generation and their fascination with cell phone technology. My oldest was begging for one as a fourth grader. What in the world would a fourth grader need a cell phone for?! Granted, there seems to be a fair number of “cell phone” kids (formerly known as “latch key” kids) out […]

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Early Texting

I’m amazed how we’ve become victims of our own progress. Our efforts to communicate in the most efficient ways have allowed us to become lazy and functionally illiterate. I fear that the generation that has learned to communicate via texting may suffer the worst. Sure, they can peck out the plot line to War & […]