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Early Texting

I’m amazed how we’ve become victims of our own progress. Our efforts to communicate in the most efficient ways have allowed us to become lazy and functionally illiterate. I fear that the generation that has learned to communicate via texting may suffer the worst. Sure, they can peck out the plot line to War & Peace in just seconds using thumbtack-sized keys, but their purposely condensed messaging comes at a significant cost. The 120 character minimum forces them to nix vowels, consonants and any other extraneous characters to get the word out fast. The problem is many of their abbreviated habits and typos rear their ugly heads when they try to express themselves in emails and… <gulp>… professional documents. AFAIK Joe Exec duznt wnt 2 hire u if u rite like ths in ur cvr ltr. ttyl

What say you?

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