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Only in October

It’s interesting how many news stories center around things that happened in the past. It’s a disgusting tactic that is used to discredit and undermine the worthiness of a candidate. Instead of being disappointed with the targeted candidate, I reach a new level of disdain for the media and the campaigns that dig up the bones. Have we really […]

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Patriot: Dirty Job

  I’ve always enjoyed Ford and Grainger’s deeply-baritoned Everyman Mike Rowe. His celebratory respect for the full-time ethics of the average, hard-working, blue collar American is the antithesis of the elite upper class. Maybe that’s why they seem to hate him. Lately he’s had to explain and defend his personal and political beliefs to irate […]

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The American ‘Marriage’

In light of all the negativity this election year, I’m hopeful the nation’s bi-partisan partnership can endure. Most would argue that our country needs to be more like-minded, but I believe that it’s the differences that guarantee some balance. In an odd sort of way our two-party system is a relationship not unlike many marriages. […]

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If you haven’t heard about the healthcare bill in Congress being pushed for a vote on Sunday you’ve been living under a rock. I don’t mean to be cynical because I know there are some serious problems with our healthcare system but I’m of the opinion that Uncle Sam will do little to actually improve […]