Only in October


It’s interesting how many news stories center around things that happened in the past. It’s a disgusting tactic that is used to discredit and undermine the worthiness of a candidate. Instead of being disappointed with the targeted candidate, I reach a new level of disdain for the media and the campaigns that dig up the bones. Have we really regressed as a society this much?

Patriot: Dirty Job



I’ve always enjoyed Ford and Grainger’s deeply-baritoned Everyman Mike Rowe. His celebratory respect for the full-time ethics of the average, hard-working, blue collar American is the antithesis of the elite upper class. Maybe that’s why they seem to hate him. Lately he’s had to explain and defend his personal and political beliefs to irate fans for appearing as a guest on such polarizing shows as Real Time with Bill Maher, The Glenn Beck Program and The O’ Reilly Factor. Like him or hate him, you can’t help but respect him for having the courage to stand for what he believes.

The American ‘Marriage’

In light of all the negativity this election year, I’m hopeful the nation’s bi-partisan partnership can endure. Most would argue that our country needs to be more like-minded, but I believe that it’s the differences that guarantee some balance. In an odd sort of way our two-party system is a relationship not unlike many marriages. If you’re married and take offense, please forgive the loose analogy. I can’t speak for every marriage but I know that some of the strongest bonds exist between two people that don’t always agree. The relationship survives when there’s a concerted effort to resolve conflict – one that selflessly seeks to preserve the union, not tear it apart.

Certainly politics and marriage don’t work exactly the same and for that I’m grateful. I don’t know that I would want our kids to elect one parent to rule the household. I doubt that my platform of reduced spending on entertainment and allowances while increasing chores would get me many votes. Sure I’d have a well-designed logo and a solid record of fiscal responsibility, but my inexperience with the domestic meal program would most certainly sink my campaign. My ‘opponent’ is much better at handling domestic and foreign affairs and has a charisma that sways people. She’s no push-over and is very passionate about ensuring the happiness and well-being of our household. In that sense our goals are the same. I guess it’s a good thing we know how to reach across the aisle and work together — despite the occasional debate on the house floor.

On the eve of this presidential election our nation is split on the decision of who should lead. I hope and pray, that regardless of the outcome, that the best interests of our country are truly considered. That the citizens (and leaders) of this country can quit the bickering and really work together to restore unity and cooperation. Educate yourself on the issues, exercise your freedom and responsibility and get to the polls to VOTE!

I’m Sean Thorenson and I approve this message.


If you haven’t heard about the healthcare bill in Congress being pushed for a vote on Sunday you’ve been living under a rock. I don’t mean to be cynical because I know there are some serious problems with our healthcare system but I’m of the opinion that Uncle Sam will do little to actually improve the situation. I see it more as saying that our capitalist U.S. government can fix the problem of greed. The money will most likely change hands. The unfortunate thing is the taxpayers will be left to pick up the tab… as well as their children and their children’s children. So much for controlling the deficit.