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Some of the layer masks made by students learning Photoshop can be pretty scary. And then there are some that are so good it’s… scary. Like any veteran designer will tell you, most of the software skills used in the industry require a lot of practice. And with that, dear followers, another Inktober draws to […]

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I appreciate art in most any form and have a profound respect for artists who are masters of their medium. I’m inspired daily by young creatives who are discovering new methods of expression as they develop the skills needed to ideate and execute their designs. In a world that is overwhelmingly digital, I still feel […]

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Free Typeface: Chasic New

Last night, my youngest son, Chase, had an unusual request. While reading one of his ‘Big Nate’ books, he commented on how time-consuming and difficult it was to make a comic because of all the illustration but especially – the hand lettering (he had worked on his own comic page earlier in the day, so he was talking from […]

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Meritorious Achievement

I probably shouldn’t consider it such a huge deal, but I do. Every year I have the unique privilege of teaching some eager graphic design students the rigors of vector drawing. Drawing primitive shapes (circles, rectangles, polygons) with geometric precision doesn’t present many challenges, but the crucible for most recruits lies with learning the notorious pen tool. I can lecture, demonstrate and […]

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I have learned a great many things in my life as both a designer and educator; some good, some bad. Among the most despicable acts one can commit as a designer or student is taking the work of someone else and passing it off as their own. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s common practice for many […]

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Pen Peeves

I don’t claim to have a lot of peeves, but here’s one that certainly tops my list… when pens or markers are left uncapped or clicked open. Granted, ink isn’t meant to last forever, but in my opinion the premature death of a good writing utensil is simply inexcusable. If you are using a pen […]

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The Pen Was a Weapon

The old saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ had more literal meaning to the graphic designer 25 years ago. The Mac computer was new on the scene so analog tools like the technical pen (T-pen) were standard issue. Maintaining this integral piece of equipment was a high priority, so it didn’t take long […]