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Reality Check

Life isn’t always fun and games. Believe it or not, the daily routine won’t be all about collecting flowers, coins and magic mushrooms. I can guarantee there’s a clogged toilet in your future.

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Eating your words

It’s a safe assumption to say that nobody likes to be wrong. The reality is, we sometimes are. When it does happen, be prepared for that large helping of embarrassment and humility.

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Parenting Millennials

I probably sound like Ward Cleaver when I remind my children how rough our lives were compared to theirs. It’s apparent that every generation has a horror story to tell their children to make them appreciate how good they have it. Ironically, we still make it a goal to want better for our kids than […]

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At times in my life it feels there are some pretty big obstacles to overcome. I’d like to say that my instinct is to ask for help, but most of the time I’m overanalyzing an approach to just ‘get over it’ by myself. This is rarely successful. After I fall flat on my face, I […]

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A psychology professor at a small midwestern university was teaching a class on ethics and during the section of the class dealing with forgiveness, showed up in class with boxes of tomatoes and little plastic bags from the grocery store. He instructed each of the students to take a bag, a marker and begin. If […]

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Life has a funny way of working sometimes. Just when you think everything’s all right, you get blindsided by something out of left field. Not only does it hit you in complete surprise but it often hurts. In an effort to find comfort we look for answers and meaning hoping to rationalize the situation. Knowing […]

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I have learned a great many things in my life as both a designer and educator; some good, some bad. Among the most despicable acts one can commit as a designer or student is taking the work of someone else and passing it off as their own. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s common practice for many […]

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Test Anxiety

Nothing quite beats the prize for sadism like the 9 volt battery test. Certainly you recall this simple procedure. If you ever doubted that your (insert 9 volt battery-powered device here) wasn’t working you could always pull the battery out and use the good ol’ tongue gauge to test it. The ‘9 volt jolt’ ranked […]

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The Talk

I knew the day was coming, but the school curriculum pretty much sealed the date. My oldest son’s class will soon be covering HIV in science and with it will come some talk about ‘changes’ they are all going through. Rather than have a bunch of squirrelly school boys educating each other, I thought I’d […]

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In today’s ‘fast food’ world it’s hard not to get things our way. Often times we dispose of something perfectly suitable to upgrade to something better, not out of necessity, but preference. How spoiled are we? It’s times like these that I am thankful that we live with the blessings we do. I try very […]