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It amazes me the number of people who choose to be unprepared. Even when given full opportunity to take the necessary steps to be ready, some still hold out for a quick fix. It’s probably not very merciful to think that these individuals have what’s coming to them, but when everyone else is working hard […]

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Save America

Is anyone else disturbed and embarrassed by our national debt? America’s way of doing business is expensive. The current national debt is a staggering  . It’s hard to quantify such a number. I think it would be accurate to describe it as irresponsible and disheartening. It didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t run-up by one administration, […]

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Mark McGwire confessed to using steroids during his major league career yesterday. Yes, I know. It comes as a huge shock to everyone, I’m sure. What a fool I was for thinking it was common for all MLB players to be built like the Hulk instead of regular men like Maris. What really breaks my […]