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Old, Old Broadway

Many years ago I worked as a marketing designer for TMA Group. During that time I had the opportunity to redesign the identity for Fargo’s iconic night spot, The Old Broadway. At the time we were positioning them as North Dakota’s first microbrewery – a distinction that eventually faded when the fad finally fizzled. Looking back now I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with some very talented individuals.

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Rock 30 Games



The client’s original business card visually depicted the ‘time’ Rock:30 in the logo. I maintained that story element in the new identity by including the clock hands in the R’s counter.

Aside from the initial chicken scratches during my meeting with the client, the concept for Rock 30’s identity was, believe it or not, born on a cocktail napkin.


The Rock 30 identity was designed to be modular. An alternate R30 tag was created for merchandising and branding.

Time to Rock

Rock30 Games was originally started by a group of high school friends who spent time playing video games together. It has now grown into an impressive franchise with six locations within the state. I learned that the name of the business referred to that generic time whenever these friends got together to ‘game’. I knew the identity needed to reflect a digital tech kind of fun, so I created some customized typefaces to create a memorable brand.

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Bismarck Capitals


The client provided me with two logo sketches from booster members. Both incorporated the state capitol as an element.

Keeping the client’s input in mind, I attempted to incorporate some of the board’s imagery into the logo. The symbolic imagery of a star in a circle denoting a capital city on a map, was a recurring theme.

The finished identity set incorporated options for different branding applications on merchandise.

The finished identity set incorporates layout and type combinations for different branding applications on merchandise.

Power Play: Capitals Hockey Logo

The Bismarck Hockey Boosters approached me about redesigning the primary identity for all their hockey operations from PeeWee to Bantam. They were looking for a bold, timeless update to brand their player uniforms and merchandise.

The client submitted to me a couple sketches that were completed by booster board members, so already they had some preconceived ideas as to what they wanted to see.

I tried to incorporate the state capitol building in a few early concepts, but they were all dropped in favor of a more dramatic variation of the familiar map icon representing the capital city.

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BSC Mystics

The original Mystic mascot, affectionately named Ian, dates back to 1940

The original Mystic mascot, affectionately named Ian, dates back to 1940

The initial mystic reboot created by Kraft and Geving

The initial mystic reboot created by Kraft and Geving

The sketch simplified the cloak details and added a mystical orb

The sketch simplified the cloak details and added a mystical orb


The revised combination mark originally utilized Bismarck State College’s green but was later changed to something darker

A Fierce and Mighty Mystic

It all started when friend, colleague (and former design student), Lance Geving asked why BSC didn’t have a mascot that actually looked worthy of being marketed on merchandise. Lance partnered with the design talents of friend and coworker Michelle Kraft (another former student) who began to piece together a new Mystic. Once they had completed a solid comprehensive that they were planning to pitch to marketing, they asked for my critique.

I was excited to see how far they had taken the concept but saw some potential areas for improving the logo. I initially printed out the concept on paper and began writing out my notes, but then thought I’d be further ahead if I simply sketched out what I saw as a potential solution. I wasn’t satisfied just handing off a sketch so I spent a few hours producing and polishing exactly what I had in mind. I emailed my solution to Michelle and Lance who raved about the end result. They asked if it was okay that they present my concept to marketing. I humbly approved.

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