From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing. It didn’t matter what it was, I just doodled. Mostly pen and ink and usually on any piece of scrap paper I could find. It kept me occupied for hours and was a great source of entertainment. Being able to get down on paper the images I had in my head was a great creative release.

I knew from a very early age that I wanted a career where I could use my drawing abilities. The closest (paying) career that afforded this type of creative freedom was graphic design. Illustration was still my mainstay, but I soon learned that design and type were equally important. These days I consider myself more of a teaching practitioner, sharing with others my passion for design and illustration. What I learn in my freelancing endeavors proves to be valuable in training the next generation of creatives. Teaching has afforded me the best of all worlds. I have the unique opportunity to mentor several talented and inspiring individuals as well as learn from them. I owe a great deal of my acquired knowledge to the trials of my students.