The client provided me with two logo sketches from booster board members. Both incorporated the state capitol as an element.

Keeping the client’s input in mind, I attempted to incorporate some of the board’s imagery into the logo. The symbolic star in a circle, denoting a capital city on a map, was a recurring theme.

The finished identity set incorporates layout and type combinations for different branding applications on merchandise.

Power Play: Capitals Hockey Logo

The Bismarck Hockey Boosters approached me about redesigning the primary identity for all their hockey operations from PeeWee to Bantam. They were looking for a bold, timeless update to brand their player uniforms and merchandise.

The client submitted to me a couple sketches that were completed by booster board members, so already they had some preconceived ideas as to what they wanted to see.

I tried to incorporate the state capitol building in a few early concepts, but they were all dropped in favor of a more dramatic variation of the familiar map icon representing the capital city.