cartooning | Character Design | Illustration

I consider illustration to be a major part of my creative existence and because of that it’s also at the foundation of my creative process. It’s very difficult for me to start any design without first putting pencil to paper and it’s why I consider myself an illustrative designer. My strategy is to bring to life the intangible concepts that you have so that your visions can be fully realized.

My extensive background in print design will equip you with finished illustrations that will maximize your project budget. I’m capable of adopting styles and mediums to capture the content of your communication in the most effective and efficient way. Client consultations and approval are requested before final production is executed.

I very much enjoy sharing this gift whenever I am able and it’s a real privilege whenever I can use my illustrative talents for client projects. I’m open for commissioned work or spot illustration and will include illustration in a logo design if requested, so If you have an idea that you need to bring to life, even if it’s a rough sketch, consider reaching out.