Killebrew | Athletic Type Collection

StudioWorks proudly presents the — K I L L E B R E W     S T A R T I N G    L I N E U P —  a collection of ten hit typefaces sure to bring depth to your dugout!

The team’s all here! Every member of the Killebrew club – from Walk to Homer — is featured in this bundle. An impressive assembly of fonts capable of anything you throw at them. Use for rulebooks, program covers, team apparel, scoreboard graphics and everything in between. The range of weights and styles will cover all your bases.

Here’s your Starting Lineup:

Each pair of Killebrew weights are sold separately, but if you buy the entire starting lineup you’ll save over 60%!

NOTE: The Game of Baseball, Diamond Cutters and Pennant Race designs all include the use of the entire Killebrew Collection. Vector art not included.

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Sample Killebrew Here