Killebrew Double | Athletic Type

Rounding first and headed to second is — K I L L E B R E W • D O U B L E — a much bolder addition to the Killebrew roster

Plating runs with outfield-piercing power is Killebrew Double — a trusty heavy hitter in the StudioWorks roster. Bolder strokes combined with Killebrew’s signature points and tapered terminals make this typeface a stellar starter. Want to stretch that two-bagger another base? Turn on the jets with Killebrew Double Slide — an italic variant!

Here’s what you’ll bring home with Killebrew Double:

  • TWO type styles – Double (regular) and Double Slide (italic)
  • Upper (A-Z) and lower case (a-z) characters
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Multilingual support
  • Standard punctuation and glyphs
  • OTF file format
  • Free updates and feature additions

Use Killebrew Double for logos, posters and t-shirt designs — any project that requires some stylish bulk!

NOTE: San Diego SouthPaws and Baseball Trading Cards designs utilize Thorens Sans. 2022 HomeRun Derby Design uses Gridiron and Bandbox. All fonts utilized are available from StudioWorks. Vector art not included.

Need more depth in your dugout? Get the entire Killebrew Team in a competitively-priced bundle — it’s the KILLEBREW STARTING LINEUP! A total of 10 Killebrew typefaces sure to cover all your bases! Get it here!

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Sample Killebrew Double Here