Crack, Crease & Fold | Vector Brush Kit!

From the StudioWorks Creative Inventory, it’s the •• C R A C K , • C R E A S E • & • F O L D •• V E C T O R • B R U S H • K I T •• — the ultimate texture solution to add the look of vintage ink to your vector designs! With our meticulously-crafted collection of brushes, symbols, and overlays, you’ll have over 70 creative assets at your fingertips.

Each brush in our kit utilizes vector textures sourced from real vintage book covers, allowing you to effortlessly simulate the analog appearance of ink being cracked, creased, or folded. Whether you’re working on a logo, illustration, or typography, these authentic textures will add depth, character, and a touch of nostalgia to your artwork.

Here’s what you get in the CRACK, CREASE & FOLD VECTOR BRUSH KIT:

  • A total of 58 VECTOR ART BRUSHES categorized into: – Cracks (10 brushes), – Creases (22 brushes), – Folds (14 brushes), and – Edges (12 brushes) sourced from the distressed ink and paper of real vintage book covers
  • 11 editable Scuff symbols to replicate extreme wear and tear – just drag and drop
  • 3 high-resolution PNG overlays of actual ink wear and offsetting provide seamless integration of texture and depth
  • A handy PDF Reference Index displaying the entire collection of over 70 creative assets
  • Easy-to-follow PDF installation and usage instructions
  • FREE updates and editions

Unlock a world of possibilities as you explore the vector versatility of this brush kit. Distress backgrounds with weathered cracks, add subtle creases to mimic vintage paper, or bring your designs to life with realistic ink folds. The creative freedom is mouse clicks away!

Get your copy of the Crack, Crease and Fold Vector Brush Kit today and retro-fy your designs with the look of analog aging and well-used wear!

NOTE: The Crack, Crease & Fold Vector Brush Kit is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC+. All featured designs use the Crack, Crease & Fold Vector Brush Kit. The Multi-Grain Brush Kit, Papertuity for Photoshop, Parkland Display, Bag Boy, and Sign Brush Type Collection are also utilized on select designs. These products are all available from StudioWorks (each sold separately). Art Inkletter is an original character created by Sean Thorenson for StudioWorks. Vector art not included.

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