Baseplate | Groovy Type

Get on board with — B A S E P L A T E — a groovy display typeface from StudioWorks!

Unleash the soul of skateboarding’s golden era with this 70s-inspired rollback. Roll in Baseplate’s interlocking letterforms with bubbly curves, pointed tips and flared terminals to bring a vintage vibe to logos, t-shirt designs, stickers, labels and more! Take advantage of OpenType alternate characters to extend your character sets with THREE additional choices! NOTE: These character alternates are ONLY available in those applications that support Open Type features.

Here’s the 411 on Baseplate:

  • Upper (A-Z) and lower case (a-z) character sets
  • Three additional alternate characters for each letter glyph
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Standard punctuation and glyphs
  • OTF file format
  • Free updates and feature additions

Serving up just the right dosage of West Coast rad, Baseplate is the go-to drop in for retro-style designs. Grind, slide and carve your classic designs to primo perfection with Baseplate!

NOTE: All featured designs use Baseplate. Several images utilize the Bluto Sans Serif Type Family and Clerk Typewritten Display — all available from StudioWorks. The designs ‘Kickflip’, ‘Gnarly’ and ‘Steezy’ all take advantage of custom vector edits and warp effects made available in design software. Artwork, textures and photography not included.

My goal is to provide the best quality products, so please provide comments and feedback. If you have any questions, need help with a typeface, or would like to request a new feature, please contact me at Thank you!

Sample Baseplate Here