Comicon | Comic Type Pack!

StudioWorks proudly presents the • C O M I C O N • C O M I C • T Y P E • P A C K • — a dynamic collection of type inspired by the hand-lettered work of comic book artists. Comicon features a bold display face with an outlined dimensional complement – perfect for titles or words needing more dramatic emphasis. You also get a full character set of four narrative dialogue typefaces complete with multilingual support. Alternating between upper and lower case with Comicon Regular (Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) stretches the contextual variety so your letter pairs won’t look identical. The Comicon Comic Type Pack is the perfect all-in-one lettering solution for those comic-style or cartoon projects.

The Comicon Type Pack includes:

  • Six comic type styles
  • Upper (A-Z) and lower case (a-z) characters†
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Standard punctuation and glyphs
  • Multilingual Support (Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic only)
  • OTF file format
  • Free updates and feature additions

NOTE: †Comicon Display and Comicon Outline DO NOT include lower case and limited multilingual characters. All featured designs use typefaces from the Comicon Type Pack and the paper texture Fishwrap from the Papertuity Infinite Texture System also available from StudioWorks. Vector artwork not included.

My goal is to provide the best quality products, so please provide comments and feedback. If you have any questions, need help with a typeface, or would like to request a new feature, please contact me at Thank you!

Sample Comicon Here