Because the original thumbnail sketch was penned very small on a napkin, I needed to pencil it larger on paper.


Using tracing vellum, I refined the loose lines of the sketch before scanning and tracing as vector art.


The finished design was a two color imprint (black and white) on gray shirts. The illusion of more tints was achieved using halftones.

Bump, Set, Climb

Net Monkeys Accounting, LLC is the name of the firm that sponsors our men’s volleyball team. It’s more the brainchild of my brother-in-law, but we all figured that we should have some legitimate looking team apparel. With such a unique name it didn’t take long to flesh out a concept. I initially penned out a very loose sketch and then later refined it in a progressively tighter pencil rough. Our ‘jungle rules’ style of play may make us look foolish from time to time, but we sure look smart in our two-color team shirts. Go Monkeys!