So it begins


Football is nearly over and on days like today, Spring seems like a lifetime away. In order to instill some hope and give the baseball fans in our household something to look forward to, I give you the official ‘Countdown to Opening Day’ refrigerator white board calendar.




Spring is, by far, my favorite season. The temperature is milder and everything’s blooming, growing and green. Unfortunately for some people that means misery. Running nose. Itchy, watery eyes. Sore throat. Coughing. ALLERGIES!

I’m thankful that I don’t suffer severe seasonal allergies but my poor wife has been sick for close to a month now and I think spring allergies is a large part of it. What started out as strep has lingered on as a nagging cough and running nose. She says that just walking by a blooming tree makes her lungs close up. I think our youngest is affected the same way. I feel guilty for being able to enjoy the great outdoors while they suffer. Can anyone recommend a great over-the-counter allergy medicine?


We may live in an agricultural state, but I am certainly NOT a farmer. Considering my lawn is currently the only ‘crop’ that I attempt to grow doesn’t say too much. Farming a yard is pointless when you think about it. All the chemical controls, pruning of weeds, irrigation and cutting yield nothing more than a nice green carpet for all your efforts. If your neighbors don’t do their part to control the weeds, your work is pretty much all in vain. It’s the one crop that bears no fruit but gets ‘harvested’ several times a month. If you don’t mulch, you take the spoils and bag them to the curb. Why do we toil so hard for such a ‘crop’? Well, aside from preventing erosion, I’d say vanity. How insane is that?

Spring Cleaning

Most people associate the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ with ‘a seasonal freshening up’. You know? A time to not only open the windows but clean them. A time to wash the winter bedding as well as the coats, caps and mittens. Maybe it’s tackling that corner of the garage or basement that needs purging before clean-up/fix-up week.

For us it’s more about maintaining the status quo. It’s reminding the kids to remove their muddy shoes before stomping through the house, to put their wet shoes next to the vent to dry out and to pick up after themselves when they create a mess. In other words, it’s simply the name we give cleaning that happens this time of year. It’s really no different than Summer, Fall or Winter Cleaning.

Joy in Mudville

The spring thaw has spawned yet another veritable paradise for boys… Mudville. Regardless of how many times we remind them to avoid the water and mud it seems to find them like iron filings to an electromagnet. Of course, I didn’t exactly make it easy for them not to get dirty.

Last fall, just before the snow flew, I managed to finish our brick paver patio (it’s been doubling lately as the neighborhood boys’ hangout for half court basketball). Unfortunately the yard surrounding the patio was not yet seeded so the recent foot traffic has dug up plenty of earthy, adobe goodness. Ahh, Spring!