Night Shot


In my book, there’s no more potent elixir than NyQuil. Like a stiff shot of saloon whiskey, it goes down hard but does what it says it will do – knock you out. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the handy plastic dosage cup is about the same size as a shot glass either. And as far as flavor goes I equate this horrible-tasting stuff to Jägermeister. You could drop of shot of this into some Red Bull and make a NyQuilar Bomb. One shot and the party would be over.

Icicle Hunters

The last thaw we had brought about some major water stalactites – also known as icicles. Our boys have become obsessed with hunting and harvesting the largest one. Any icicle-laden structure we drive past, no matter how far from home, instantly transforms our little hunters into beggars.

“Whoa, look at the size of that one! Please, can we stop?! Please, please, please?!”

“Um, that icicle happens to be hanging three stories off the ground, so at the risk of being impaled from above and possibly reported for trespassing, I’m going to have to say… ‘no’.”

The result of our denying their far-reaching conquests for exotic, frozen water has pretty well gleaned the neighborhood of any hanging ice. Though not quite as sizable, the fruits of their local exploits get proudly fanned out on our porch like a set of fine cutlery. We’ve had to confiscate a few larger pieces from being brought into the house and stored in our freezer but overall, it’s good harmless fun. Thankfully, icicle hunting season – and winter – will soon come to an end.

On the Bright Side

Hey, compared to last year we’ve been pretty fortunate. We may have had sub-zero temps lately but at least we don’t have mountains of snow… yet. Winter hit us on the first of December and now it feels like late January. Maybe this means that the entire winter will be accelerated. With any luck we’ll be able to mow our lawns in early March.