Spring is, by far, my favorite season. The temperature is milder and everything’s blooming, growing and green. Unfortunately for some people that means misery. Running nose. Itchy, watery eyes. Sore throat. Coughing. ALLERGIES!

I’m thankful that I don’t suffer severe seasonal allergies but my poor wife has been sick for close to a month now and I think spring allergies is a large part of it. What started out as strep has lingered on as a nagging cough and running nose. She says that just walking by a blooming tree makes her lungs close up. I think our youngest is affected the same way. I feel guilty for being able to enjoy the great outdoors while they suffer. Can anyone recommend a great over-the-counter allergy medicine?


It never fails. Just when the weather starts improving the sore throats start scratching their way into our home. Our oldest started complaining that his stomach hurt and has been pretty hoarse the past few days. The kid’s ten years old but his cough sounds like croop. I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t the beginning of allergy season. I don’t know the first thing about allergies but am starting to believe that I, too, suffer from some spring allergies. Is it too early? I mean there’s still snow on the ground. I’d love to be able to justify this sore throat and headache.