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During the summer, the leaves of our towering elm trees provide shady relief from the blistering sun. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. As much as I enjoy that benefit, the payment is the amount of time and effort needed to clean up their colorful mess in the fall.

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Chuck has fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford to keep ol’ Snoopy current on his shots. Going for walks is more challenging now because he growls and barks at anything that moves.

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Team Green bested Team Gray in Game Two of the Mystics World Series last night by one run, 11-10. Green currently leads the Series, 2-0, with Game Three tomorrow night at Haaland Field at 5pm.

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Trick or… Treat?

I remember trick-or-treating as a kid and hoping like heck that I wouldn’t get peanut butter taffy. It was the Tootsie Roll of 1981.

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The Pheasant

A twist on a familiar season. Happy hunting.

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It’s Almost Here…

The cool, crisp air of autumn wafts the scent of dry leaves, pumpkin spice and Sharpie ink. It can only mean one thing…