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‘Hey You Guys!’

Hopefully Sloth, The Goonies beefy but lovable misfit monster, will make a return appearance in the alleged Goonies 2 sequel. The last we saw of the Goon Dock adventurers was 30 years ago when they were kids in search of One-eyed Willy’s pirate treasure. It will be interesting to see what adventure awaits them as adults. Imagine the potential […]

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Groucho 2.0*

The original Groucho glasses were a common punchline in cartoons when a character needed to evade capture. Long associated with slapstick, the ‘beagle’ glasses were often accessorized with a cigar. Isn’t it about time the ubiquitous gag disguise gets an upgrade?   *Tattoos and pipe sold separately.  

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One of my family’s favorite movies of late would have to be Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Aside from a catchy soundtrack, the story is inspiring and motivational. I think one of the central themes of the film is that it’s okay to dream, but until you start moving forward with a […]

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A blank page is liberating but can also be very intimidating. When tasked with coming up with ideas and creative solutions there are often road blocks. I think every creative is seeking that surefire way to push past these obstacles when often the answer is at the end of their pencil. Transposing any and every […]

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Evolution of the Idea

I never realized how ubiquitous the symbolism for an “idea moment” was until I considered its use in a historical context. The pre-twentieth century “ideas” don’t quite depict that flash moment of brilliance that we associate with turning on a light. Using the traditional incandescent bulb in today’s green-conscious world seems too anachronistic. Will adopting […]