Halloween Bullies


Consider yourself lucky if you were able to go trick-or-treating without the threat of getting your candy stolen by older kids. I think it started out mostly as an urban myth, but the thought of it happening made Halloween night a little more frightening. I remember the year my friend’s candy bag became the bullies’ prize. After running home, the rest of us were asked to ‘share’ our cornucopia of candy with our less fortunate friend. Maybe that’s why we always felt so compelled to eat as much of our candy as we could in one night.

Cubs Win!


After a record-breaking championship drought, the Chicago Cubs topped the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 to secure the NCLS pennant and a berth in the World Series. Synonymous with the Cubs was the late sportscaster Harry Caray, the so-called ‘Mayor of Rush Street’, who added his own brand of color commentary with his signature ‘Holy Cow’ while announcing for the north side Chicago team. As a kid growing up, I mostly avoided the afternoon broadcasts of Cubs games on WGN, but this season it was hard not to cheer for them knowing that they hadn’t seen the Fall Classic since 1945.

Average Joe


I’m relatively new to the adult world of coffee-drinking, so forgive my naiveté. There is a wide range of coffee blends and brands out there, but I can’t say that I really taste a whole lot of difference. Maybe I’m too inexperienced and haven’t developed a distinguished palette for java, but with a soon-to-be barista in our midst that will likely change. As far I’m concerned right now… Joe is Joe.