Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival
Brand Identity | Branding | Illustration | Logo Design | Typography

Jennifer Lyn and the Groove Revival, a local five-piece band led by the powerful lead vocals of Jennifer Lyn, have to-date released three albums in the Blues Rock genre. Jennifer approached me shortly after her debut album launched in search of a t-shirt design to help in merchandising her brand. Because she didn’t have a definitive logo, I felt it was the logical starting point before developing a shirt. The process began with a number of rough sketches on paper, playing with custom typographic treatments of her band’s name. She narrowed it to one particular sketch that featured the circular lock-up and from there I finalized the image. Although the initial logo was designed as a custom circular shape, I extended the logo set to include three orthogonal variations that would help in collateral projects where a circular logo would not work. Because all of the type was hand-rendered and custom significant time was taken to reset to ensure consistency to the original round logo. Since the initial brand launch, Jennifer has found ways to extend her merchandising to include a number of Vintage and Loud t-shirt designs that promote Blues Rock. It’s exciting to work with clients like Jennifer who have creative vision and are willing to explore and try new things to increase the brand experience for her fans.