Bismarck Youth Baseball
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Bismarck Youth Baseball (BYB) is a local non-profit, volunteer-led organization that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of baseball to area youth (age 6-12). For over 30 years BYB has helped young players learn, play and enjoy the great American past-time. For many players, time in Bismarck Youth Baseball is the first step in a journey that may ultimately include playing at the senior legion level. In Bismarck, the Governors represents the pinnacle of competitive play before an individual continues at the collegiate or professional level. To help reinforce this goal-oriented theme, it was important to incorporate elements of the Bismarck Governors logo into BYB’s new identity – namely the signature Old English ‘B’ and stylized logotype. In addition, a full chest script was created to honor the familiar treatment for team apparel.


The stem stroke of the custom ‘B’ in the script Bismarck logotype doubles as a baseball bat.

The Old English ‘B’ of the Bismarck Governors was utilized to show aspirational connection.

The original logo set the word Bismarck in a Brush Script with an athletic tail.