Orpheum | A Swanky Art Deco Typeface

O R P H E U M  — An Exceptionally Swanky Art Deco Typeface.

Orpheum is a nod to the affluent opulence of the roaring ‘20s. Gilded with high contrast strokes and graceful curves, this typeface is exceptionally swanky.

In order to capture the elegance of the era, the Studio Works artists studied early 20th Century hand-lettered display type. Note the tapered hairline strokes and coved stems.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Orpheum Typeface:

  •   Upper (A Z) and lower case (a z) characters
  •   Numbers (0 9)
  •   Standard punctuation and glyphs
  •   Universally flexible OTF file format
  •   Free updates and feature additions

Whether it’s a night at the theatre or an upstage dinner downtown, Orpheum delights with historical charm.

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Sample Orpheum Here