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burgundyIt’s my understanding that Will Ferrell’s recent cameo as weekend anchor on Bismarck’s very own KXMB was not only a brilliant buzz generator for his upcoming Anchorman sequel, but somewhat of a happy accident. I’ve heard rumors that his original intent was to follow in the footsteps of KFYR TV’s foul-mouthed rookie anchor A.J. Clemente, but the top brass at the station wasn’t interested in reopening that PR wound. Whether it’s true or not, it’s not hard to imagine that Ferrell would’ve had a little fun at KFYR’s expense.


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i was working for KFYR when his “people” called the GM the Monday directly following the A.J. Clemente incident, so, yes, it’s true 🙂

Having Ron Burgundy go off on the same station? I can only imagine how amazing that would be.

That could perhaps explain the fairly straightforward delivery he provided. If he was hoping to really break some FCC regulations on air, I can see how he might feel a little bummed out and decide to play it very straight in reaction. A two minute tirade / fiasco on air at the top of the broadcast would have been even more funny than the whole 30 minutes… but seeing all 30 minutes certainly left my jaw agape.

What say you?

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