Stay Classy

burgundyIt’s my understanding that Will Ferrell’s recent cameo as weekend anchor on Bismarck’s very own KXMB was not only a brilliant buzz generator for his upcoming Anchorman sequel, but somewhat of a happy accident. I’ve heard rumors that his original intent was to follow in the footsteps of KFYR TV’s foul-mouthed rookie anchor A.J. Clemente, but the top brass at the station wasn’t interested in reopening that PR wound. Whether it’s true or not, it’s not hard to imagine that Ferrell would’ve had a little fun at KFYR’s expense.


Ferrell: License to Laugh

One of my friends recently sent me a link to the latest Will Ferrell comedy, The Other Guys. The marketing for the motion poster is brilliant… and funny. After watching the trailer, I think the flick has a chance to be one of Ferrell’s better films. I can’t say that I am a die-hard Will Ferrell fan, but the guy can sure play the part of the everyman boob quite well. I still think one of his greatest feats as an actor was his interesting dramatic turn in Stranger Than Fiction.