I wonder how long it will be before Bismarck fully embraces recycling. We’ve always recycled aluminum but have recently added plastic and tin to our stash within the past couple years. It’s amazing how little garbage actually gets hauled to the landfill when you start sorting through it. I would say our trash bin is only 25% full when we put it on the curb each week where before it was spilling over.

Unlike larger markets, this town lacks any curbside service for recyclables, so if you want to recycle you end up stockpiling it in your house. When the sight (or smell) becomes too much to bear you load it up and haul it to one of the few collection sites.

For us, recycling really wasn’t too cumbersome because the nearest collection site was within a few blocks of our house. Now they’ve moved the plastic collection bin to a site further away. If the process remains this inconvenient I don’t see the recycling effort gaining much steam.  I can’t think of a bigger deterrent to those already unmotivated to even consider recycling under the current system.

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Right on! Every state should have a recycling deposit on their aluminum, glass and plastic. It really makes you think about throwing away your trash.

What say you?

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