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Lucky 7

Today, our youngest boy, Chase, turns seven! We’ve been hounding him for quite some time about what he’d like to do that’s special for his birthday. So far, Mom and Dad will be making a guest appearance in his class to read his favorite books. He wants to have a party some weekend with some friends, and then the next day he doesn’t. Then he does, but with different people. He’s our introvert, I guess (our older son, Mason, has actually tried to encourage him and even goes so far as to suggest which classmates he should invite). He doesn’t like big group events and doesn’t require a lot of attention to be happy. I can relate. One thing he likes to do is draw, so I figured I’d let the kid post a guest inkling (or penciling) on the blog for his birthday. Either his cartoon is a little too sophisticated for me or maybe it’s even funnier than I probably realize. I think he inherited my dry sense of humor, so again, I should be able to relate.

What say you?

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