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Love Isn’t Cool When You’re a Kid

You have to appreciate the independence kids develop as they get older. That’s the only way you’ll be able to deal with what seems like heartbreaking rejection. If you’re not there yet, prepare yourself. There will come a day when you drop your ‘baby’ off at school and he/she will all but ignore you. Don’t even think about giving good-bye hugs or kisses or verbal affirmations of such affection – they’d rather be set on fire than to have their friends witness such mushiness.

Walking into the school to greet your child after school is tolerated but don’t even think about escorting them onto school property in the morning. Bad idea. I’ve found that a drive-by drop-off is preferred. That way they can enter into the no-demonstrative-love-zone of school without too much of their parents’ being exposed. I never understood why kids want to pretend that they were orphans raised in the wild rather than claim two loving parents. I don’t intend to let them off the hook anytime soon. They’ll have to deal with my loving them publicly at the risk of being embarrassed by it.

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I am not looking forward to the age of rejection. Right now, I feel blessed that Matthew will still wave to me and yell, “Hi, Mom” from across the lunch room and greet me with hugs in front of his classmates. And, surprisingly, some of his classmates will do the same. Our kids are becoming ‘worldly’ (not necessarily mature) too soon in our culture. Give the boys some big hugs and kisses from Aunt Michelle when you pick them up from school ;~)

This one made me roar with laughter. I love the phrase – they prefer the drive-by drop-off method. You make my day with your humor.

Oh yeah, isn’t that the truth! I’m seeing it now in my grandchildren, well at least one of them, and we don’t even have to be in public!! And she’s the younger of the two 🙂

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