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I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up the animated Inktober drawings, but it’s fun to have the challenge.

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Young Dracula: Boy Scout

Most people don’t realize that Vlad didn’t actually enjoy impaling anything. Except marshmallows. On a moonless night.

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We’ve been campers for quite some time and our primary form of residence has always been a tent. I grew up hiking, camping and tenting so for me it’s really nothing new. In Scouts we had our fair share of erecting the heavy canvas tents so the transition to the nylon variety was a welcome […]

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Hot Dogs

Nothing beats food over a campfire. There’s just something about preparing your meals over the open flame that makes it taste better. Probably the easiest food to prepare is the hot dog. Granted it’s not the most sophisticated of meats, but a nice convenient serving fit for being prodded and suspended over the pit. Camping […]

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Memorable Weather

Today we kick-off the eighth annual Memorial Day camping weekend with my in-laws. In that time we’ve experienced all kinds of weather which, if you’re tenting, can make all the difference. Most years the nightly lows would hover just above freezing. Other years we’ve nearly been carried away by the rain and high winds. And […]

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Snipe Hunting

All this wet weather should really bring out the snipes for camping this Memorial Day weekend. Snipe hunting opens after dusk on the Friday before Memorial Day every year and it’s a tradition that’s been kept alive for generations. Surprisingly enough, in all the years we’ve been out hunting we’ve yet to bag one of […]