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Aside from the fact that we both have four letters in our first name and about the same hairline, I have very little in common with Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Just like my wife has nothing really in common with Claire. And there’s really no need to ask about it, either. We have special […]

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Everybody Loved Raymond

When flipping through the channels the other day, I caught some heated ‘discussion’ between Debra and Ray Barone. For nine seasons Everybody Loves Raymond commanded our love and adoration with it’s comical take on the neuroses that can be the American marriage and family. One of my all time favorite episodes is “The Can Opener”. […]

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After this week I can honestly say, I prefer man-to-man coverage over zone! My wife left on a four-day business trip Monday and flew in last night. Don’t misunderstand, the four days with my boys was really nice bonding time but parenting definitely requires a partnership between committed individuals! In my opinion, it takes equal […]

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Carrying the Load

I admit that I’m guilty of trying to carry too much. Like Atlas, I often feel like I have the whole world on my shoulders. The worst part is, the heavy load is usually my own doing. My wife reminds me that I need to just say “no” to some of the projects I take […]