I’m amazed at my kids’ generation and their fascination with cell phone technology. My oldest was begging for one as a fourth grader. What in the world would a fourth grader need a cell phone for?! Granted, there seems to be a fair number of “cell phone” kids (formerly known as “latch key” kids) out there that do, at the insistence of their parents, have a cell phone so that they can keep tabs on them during those idle hours between school and the 5 PM end to the workday but I say you’re getting the bad with the good. The investment for a device that will keep you connected with little Johnny or Jenny has been elevated by these children as a status accessory coveted by all their peers and will most likely not be limited in use by them to just two hours a day. It seems that many young cell users could get by without ever having to make or take a phone call on their little hand-held social taskmasters. Let’s face it, to them making a call using a cell phone is so 20th Century now. The mantra that this generation speaks is, “if you want to communicate with someone, don’t dial digits – text!”