Politics as Usual

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait for this election season to end. The constant deluge of negative campaigning is enough to trample any voter’s hopes for a better tomorrow. Whatever happened to the ‘Results You Can Believe In’ campaigns where a candidate’s positive resume of qualifications were the reasons to vote for them? Instead the status quo in political advertising seems to be go well beyond civilized banter to full-on, double-fisted, slanderous, mud-slinging rants that make the local grocer’s tabloid aisle an uplifting read.

It used to be that a candidate seemed to avoid the verbal endorsement on any ad that got this nasty in favor of having their respective party pick up the responsibility for such drivel but now it seems Joe Politician will gladly ‘approve this message’. Whatever happened to respect and accountability? Personally I’d think more highly of a candidate that exercised self-control and didn’t stoop to the level of their competition to play the ‘blame game’.

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