Halloween in North Dakota

I can empathize with all those trick-or-treating kids whose imaginative costumes have been cloaked in winter gear over the years. As I recall, Halloween in North Dakota seldom delivered the picturesque Rockwellian magic advertised by movies, cartoons and packaging. Instead you became accustomed to having to explain what you were supposed to be to every house you stopped at. “Oh! You’re a pirate, eh? I thought you were a deer hunter with a sword. Must be all that blaze orange.”

Considering the brevity of this childhood rite of passage, I’m surprised more kids haven’t fully embraced our hearty northern Halloween climate and adopted costumes that accommodate the layers of bundled warmth required by doting parents. Costumes like the Lambeau Field Cheesehead, Nanook the Eskimo Hunter or the classic –  Frosty the Snowman. Sure, none of them are traditional or scary but neither is Optimist Prime wearing a winter coat, hat and mittens.

What say you?