It could be argued that Yankee Aaron Judge has been one of the most dominating players in baseball this season. The 25-year-old right fielder uses every inch and ounce of his towering 6′ 7″ and 282 lb. physique to go deep. The proof: 52 regular season home runs and a Home Run Derby trophy to boot. Despite Judge’s disappointing postseason start (16 strikeouts in 24 at-bats), he now seems locked in. In fact, his 427 solo-home run in Game 4 of the ALCS is the second longest in the MLB this year.


I don’t typically follow Inktober’s prompt list, but I thought Byron Buxton fit ‘SWIFT’ quite well. Minnesota’s star center fielder is currently one of MLB’s fastest players – according to StatCast™. With speed like that, Bux makes fielding fly balls and line drives look about as effortless as shoe-tying. Offensively, he’s sitting pretty with 28 stolen bases, having only been caught once.

Cubs Win!


After a record-breaking championship drought, the Chicago Cubs topped the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 to secure the NCLS pennant and a berth in the World Series. Synonymous with the Cubs was the late sportscaster Harry Caray, the so-called ‘Mayor of Rush Street’, who added his own brand of color commentary with his signature ‘Holy Cow’ while announcing for the north side Chicago team. As a kid growing up, I mostly avoided the afternoon broadcasts of Cubs games on WGN, but this season it was hard not to cheer for them knowing that they hadn’t seen the Fall Classic since 1945.

So it begins


Football is nearly over and on days like today, Spring seems like a lifetime away. In order to instill some hope and give the baseball fans in our household something to look forward to, I give you the official ‘Countdown to Opening Day’ refrigerator white board calendar.


Royals Make Giants Look Small

giantsThe Series returned to Kansas City tonight – in more ways than one. After three hours and twenty-one minutes of baseball, the Royals shut out San Francisco with ten unanswered runs. Admittedly I felt the Royals would be the underdogs in this contest, but with a fired up hometown crowd, Game 7 will prove to be an extraordinary one.

Royals Come Alive

If there were any doubts about whether or not Kansas City belonged in the World Series, Game Two was the litmus test. The Royals erupted last night in a 7-2 victory over San Francisco. The score was stalled at 2-2 going into the bottom of the sixth when a string of KC hits by Butler and Perez brought in three more runs. The nail in the Giants’ coffin was Omar Infante’s monster two run homer in the bottom of the sixth. We’ll see if the Royals can bring some of that mojo to San Fran on Friday night.