Pen Peeves

I don’t claim to have a lot of peeves, but here’s one that certainly tops my list… when pens or markers are left uncapped or clicked open. Granted, ink isn’t meant to last forever, but in my opinion the premature death of a good writing utensil is simply inexcusable. If you are using a pen or marker and you choose not to cap it or click it shut you could just as well skip putting it back in the drawer or bin and toss it directly into the trash.

A lot of my pen peeve frustration stems from having my favorite pens/markers as a kid used by other family members and treated in this way. While I couldn’t break my entire family of this habit I think I’ve got my kids pretty well-trained. With any luck, my drawing pens will live a long, full life making their mark for many more months.

It’s All Relative

It’s interesting how kids can be oblivious to the world around them. The things that you would think they would be embarrassed about doing in public don’t even phase them… like throwing a screaming tantrum in the middle of the mall. Other times the most ‘invisible’ thing will become the focus of their self-consciousness… like insisting on wearing non-athletic black shoes with sweatpants because white athletic shoes ‘don’t look good with sweats’ (what?!). I suppose adults can be just as unreasonable at times, but certainly our two worlds seldom are in sync with one another. That’s all part of the fun.

It’s the Exciting New Game Sensation…

We’re grateful that our two boys have each other to entertain, but the close quarter conditions wrought by the long winter is taking its toll. What starts out as innocent conversation during playtime will sometimes turn into an all-out argument. Disagreements arise, tempers flare and the kid with the clear disadvantage will often resort to the cowardly game of mockery. It’s the only technique I can think of that not only requires the least amount of skill or wit but is guaranteed to leave the opponent frustrated and defenseless – unless, of course, they wish to lower themselves to fight on equal terms.

“Mom, he’s mocking me!” will often be met with, “Well, are you mockworthy?” It’s a valid question when you think of it. The only way to defeat a mocker is to give them nothing to mock. That requires the mockee to ignore the mocker. In our boys’ case that’s harder to do than fighting. Eventually they’ll learn how the game is won, but I fear it will be the hard way.

‘Please, Pull Your Pants Up’

I realize I’m not as young as I used to be, but what’s up with fashion these days? Every generation is subject to its trends. From the saddle-shoed, poodle-skirted teens of the 1950s to the tight-rolled, shoulder-padded, acid-washed youth of the 80s.

The one trend I see having an influence on my oldest is the ‘pants on the ground’ method of wearing jeans. Surely you’ve seen it. It involves wearing a pair of jeans that are a little roomier and then letting them fall off your backside. To keep them from draping your ankles you need to cinch ’em with a belt (usually around the upper thighs). I think the whole idea behind it is to share your boxers with the world.

We, of course, don’t tolerate it and have to constantly remind him to ‘please, pull your pants up.’ I’ve even threatened him with adjusting my own pants in the same manner when with him in public. For some reason he thinks that doing so would not only be embarrassing to him, but would make me look ridiculous. With my point subtly made, I can’t help but agree with him.

Yep, it’s Monday

It’s not like I don’t usually greet the morning alarm with pleasant thoughts, but for some reason today came a little too early. We don’t believe in the “snooze” button either. I never understood the reason for prolonging that torturous transition from “slumber” to “awake” in nine minute increments. Ready or not, day, here I come.