University of Mary Marauders
Brand Identity | Branding | Illustration | Logo Design | Typography

The University of Mary was looking for a design refresh for their existing Marauder image. One of the goals with this project was to create a modular identity system — one that could be easily utilized in a variety of different situations. The new Marauder remained familiar, but was given a new orange-rimmed tricorner hat, a more dramatic head scarf, a tighter shave, a new horizon to face, and was overall made to appear more dimensional and less triangular. A unique, custom typeface was developed for the shorter, more emphasized ‘UMary’ logotype with ‘Marauders’ arched in a banner beneath. This particular treatment allows for substitution of other athletic programs/themes in place of the word ‘Marauders’ (e.g. UMary Football, UMary Soccer, etc.).

The orange collegiate U icon with Mary arched across it in the custom logotype was a secondary mark created for uniforms and other collateral athletic items. The process blue and black from the original color palette was replaced with a more nautical navy blue.


Maximus the Marauder was realized as a full-size mascot costume.

The custom logotype was also used to create a logo for the Marauder Armada — the member foundation largely responsible for raising funds for athletic scholarships.