Quick Guides Margin Maker – Ai Actions

Now available from the StudioWorks Creative Inventory, it’s the •• Q U I C K • G U I D E S •• M A R G I N • M A K E R •• — a revolutionary tool designed to effortlessly streamline your grid-making process in Adobe Illustrator!

If you’ve ever used Illustrator to do a layout, you know the grid-making process can be a test of patience. Making margins using ruler guides can be time-consuming and frustrating. Counting ruler tick marks while white-knuckling your mouse and squinting to ensure you land those guides right where you need them is anything but creative. Add in neighboring artboards and you end up with a Mondrian nightmare where guide lines clash and overlap each other.

With the Quick Guides Margin Maker you can prepare margins with the click of a button (or a custom shortcut). Need a letter size page with 1/2″ margins? Draw the rectangle. Click once. Done in seconds. How about a three panel brochure with 3/8″ margins on each panel with centering lines? Draw three rectangles. Click. Boom. Done. What if you prefer to work in picas, points, or centimeters? No problem. Just use the Custom presets to enter your own measurements (as a negative value) in the units YOU want to work in. Click. Blink and you’ll miss it. What you won’t miss is making margins and grids the old-fashioned way.

Here’s what you get with the QUICK GUIDES MARGIN MAKER:

  • A total of 36 ACTIONS (push button or programmable with shortcuts) – Four action sets for creating Artboards or Panels with equal margins with or without centering lines
  • Each action set comes with 8 fractional inch margin presets from 1/8″ up to 1″ and a Custom preset to enter your own values in the units you prefer
  • Handy PDF with easy-to-follow installation and usage instructions, includes at-a-glance Action inventory with pro tips and industry hacks for getting the most out of your process
  • FREE updates and editions

Use the Quick Guides Margin Maker to get started making margins on every Illustrator project from business cards and fliers to brochures and book covers. Compared to using traditional ruler guides, this tool has been proven to complete the same grid much neater, more accurately and up to 4 times faster! Streamline the routine to focus on the creative.

Quick. Accurate. Easy. The Quick Guides Margin Maker. Get your copy today!

NOTE: The Quick Guides Margin Maker is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC+. The typefaces Thoren Sans and Gridiron used in the promotional images are all available from StudioWorks (each sold separately).

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