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Water War

One thing can be said for hot summer days: they’re perfect for waging water war. Our two boys declared war on us from the relative safety of their tree house. To be fair we equipped them with a five gallon bucket full of water balloons, but we retained the ammo dump: a double-barreled water blaster, more water balloons, a swimming pool and access to the hose. They may have had a better vantage point for throwing water bombs from up high but the thick covering of branches limited their perimeter for firing. Clearly we had some advantages, but I will say getting beamed with a water balloon at 50mph in the small of your back isn’t exactly refreshing. The skirmish ended without a clear victor (amid the chaos there were even some documented cases of friendly fire). Everyone was wetter and cooler (the real goal) and no one was exempt from picking up the latex shrapnel from the lawn. If you had fun, you won.

What say you?

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