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Dog Days

Stay hydrated and load up on sunscreen because I think Summer has decided to take his pit bull for a walk. Here I was thinking we’d make it the entire season without this blistering heat. I don’t know why I should be surprised. In this state the temperature extremes will typically guarantee that you stay […]

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August is an extremely busy time of year in our household. Summer has all but come to a screeching halt and all the things that were slated for completion go into overdrive. As a teacher this rhythm is expected, but right now I’m blanking out a bit with how to proceed. Every second counts and […]

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Water War

One thing can be said for hot summer days: they’re perfect for waging water war. Our two boys declared war on us from the relative safety of their tree house. To be fair we equipped them with a five gallon bucket full of water balloons, but we retained the ammo dump: a double-barreled water blaster, […]

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Leaving Cali

Our last day in California was relatively light with activity. In the morning we visited Ocean World where we learned about some of the creatures that inhabit the waters of Crescent Beach. Suddenly the idea of picking up a sea star or touching a sea anemone didn’t seem so scary to the boys. In fact, […]

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Countdown to Summer

It’s the final stretch! The kids have just four days to Summer Vacation! Today our first-grader has Hawaiian day and he was more than happy to sport the beach print shirt, shorts, lei and sunglasses – even if it is raining all day. I think the final week tends to be more about fun when […]