Praying for Victory

I hate to admit it, but I’ll be cheering for the Purple and Gold today. Deep down inside there’s the boyhood Viking fan who grew up disillusioned and disappointed with the team he claimed to love. A victory today would consummate and appease that part of me that always dreamed of seeing the Vikes go to the Super Bowl. The last time I had these feelings was in ’98 right before Gary Anderson missed that 38 yard field goal attempt against the Falcons. I couldn’t say that I was as torn up as my friend Doug (a die-hard fan) that day we left the Cinebar but I can tell you that moment pretty much defined the Vikings’ season performance ever since. I’ve been saying it all season long (and not just because I’m a Favre fan): if there was ever a year that the Vikings could make it all the way, this is the one. This is your chance, Minnesota, don’t blow it!

SKOL Vikings!

My oldest son, Mason, is a devout Bears fan (I think he still is) so Sunday afternoon’s Vikings – Bears game was a must watch. “Just-like-a-car-wreck” must watch. After several fits of anger followed by tears, we had to remove him from the game all together. We all knew the Bears were going to eat it, except Mason. I certainly don’t worship football, but I do claim to be a Packer Backer. One thing I will freely admit, is that Favre, even wearing the Purple and Gold, is still fun to watch. For 16 seasons he pulled a lot of the same stunts for the Pack and now he’s doing it for <ughh> their chief rival. Minnesota sure looks tough this year and the kid in me (the one that used to like the Vikes growing up) wants to see them make it all the way to the Super Bowl.