If there’s one household chore I despise most, it’s ironing. I am among those that are not blessed with a wrinkle-free wardrobe so I have a tendency to stock-pile my wrinkled items until I have what I believe is enough to justify setting up the board and heating the iron.

Once you get going it’s not that bad but it requires a degree of skill and finesse that you simply cannot learn without lots of practice. Cotton button-down shirts require water spritzing (or iron steam, if you are so equipped) and a lot of repetitive sweeps. Using the nose end of the board for the collars is still something I struggle with. The worst are those shirts with the stubborn button hems that want to stay wrinkled. There you have to thoroughly soak the area and carefully slalom between the buttons. I should stop trying to be an ironing hero but I just can’t seem to justify the expense of bringing my modest load of laundry in for dry cleaning.

One reply on “Ironing”

Do what I do with those button hems – turn it over and iron it from the back. Usually works, unless it’s some really iron-resistant fabric. Then I say, toss it. :oP

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