Easter holidays traditions

Easter Bunny

It’s interesting how varied the Easter Bunny tradition is in families. As a kid growing up I found it much easier to believe in Santa Claus. After all, Santa wasn’t a buck-toothed, long-eared lagomorph that hopped into your house to deliver Easter baskets while you were sleeping. I mean, come on! An over-sized rabbit delivering candy? Really? That simply didn’t seem believable. Now, flying reindeer – that was different.

I also never quite understood why the Easter Bunny pretended to be Santa Claus with other families. As far as I knew, there was no behavior prerequisite that the Easter Bunny followed when determining the size of his offerings, so it didn’t make sense why some kids got bikes and stereos. The Easter Bunny I knew only delivered candy in plastic eggs, and if there were any gifts they were sure to fit in that modestly-sized basket covered with plenty of that extra special, plastic grass. Strange. Maybe we were supposed to write letters to the Easter Bunny.

What say you?

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