I don’t know many people that enjoy going to the dentist. I’ve personally been pretty fortunate in my adult life that I don’t have a lot of dental issues. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I think I’ve been to the dentist maybe once in the past twenty years. I realize preventive care is the best strategy, but my last visit, after being away for ten years, was nothing short of flattering. They told me that they were shocked to see how well my teeth had been cared for and that they see people every six months that have worse teeth than mine.

My dental record as a youngster wasn’t quite as stellar. I think I have at least five fillings (including one in a wisdom tooth), but whose counting? Both of our boys recently visited the dentist with good marks and, unlike myself, still are cavity-free. I sure hope they can keep it up. I know flossing is a habit they need to include in their daily regimen, but so far it’s been greeted with grunts and groans. I can’t hardly blame them – it was a habit I didn’t develop until I was in college.

Those issues seem trivial compared to my poor wife who is needing some major dental surgery in the near future (out of respect to her – and those with sensitive stomachs – I’ll spare you the details). In her defense I will go on record to say that none of her woes are due to neglect. In fact, she inspired a lot of the dental hygiene habits I have now. She brushes faithfully twice a day, doesn’t eat a lot of sweets and flosses daily. Talk about unfair!

What say you?

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