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Boyhood Fantasy #01

One of the best things about being the father of two boys is playtime. It’s not difficult for me to get caught up in the things they do because I was into a lot of the same things as a kid. Last night I was recruited into a Nerf Gun battle. I’m amazed, to say the least, at how much of an extended product line Nerf has created. Though my boys only possess the handgun variety, I see stores even have chain guns and swords now –  sheesh! After some simple instructions on how to operate and load the weapon I was handed a six shot revolver and pushed toward the front lines. This morning, while debriefing about last night’s tactics, I asked my oldest son what Nerf should come out with next. Without hesitating he said, “a tank.” Imagine the fear of your enemies when you pull up in this baby.

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