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Birthday Cake


Today my beautiful wife celebrates her sometieth birthday! At her request (and her health) she asked me not to bake her a cake, so I thought I would render her one that she would remember from her golden birthday! With three girls in her family the ingenious girl cake made frequent appearances. The mechanics are really simple. It involved baking a cake in a bowl-shaped pan and then shoving the torso of a doll into the middle. Boom! Instant princess. Now you had a dress that could be frosted and decked out with whatever confectionery concoctions you desired.

I don’t know if an actual Barbie doll was used or not. If so, it would have to be one in poor condition. Their value would certainly prevent a daughter’s willingness to amputate the legs. My guess is that the Barbie chosen would likely be the one with the gnarly haircut mishap. Having grown up with sisters I’ve seen how little girls cut hair and it ain’t pretty.

Happy Birthday, Suzie!

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