I consider myself a very logical person. If I can’t empirically prove something to be true I become skeptical. What I have to remind myself is that if I choose not to believe something because I can’t prove it (by way of scientific observation) does not make it false. That’s where faith comes in. There’s a lot of knowledge out there that I have the luxury of adding to. The fact that our solar system has eight planets (it’s still hard to get used to that) is nothing I had to observe, test and prove myself. I’m taking it on faith that the scientists that made this recent observation and recorded it as truth are not liars. If I choose to look into the matter and study it further on my own doesn’t make me a skeptic. That’s the inquisitive nature of humanity. What’s prideful in my mind is to suspend belief in anything because I can’t fully subscribe to its validity. I believe that if you’re honestly committed to seeking the truth, you will find it.

What say you?

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