Anniversary Thanksgiving

This weekend we toasted 40 years of marriage to Chuck and Gloria Olmsted (my mother and father-in-law) with a surprise party! The couple were immediately (literally – the moment they walked in) rededicated in a small family ceremony officiated by son Doug Olmsted (Bismarck) at his home at 3:45 pm on Saturday, November 14. Attending the bridegroom were daughters Kelly Thompson (Farg0), Suzanne Thorenson (Bismarck) and Nancy Olmsted (Ft. Collins). The bride wore jeans, sweatshirt and a veil. The groom wore the tuxedo t-shirt he was handed when he walked in the door along with jeans and slippers (the surprise caught them completely off guard). The ceremony was attended by two sons-in-law (Corey Thompson and myself), one daughter-in-law (Karmen Olmsted) and seven grandsons (Casey, Carter, Mason, Hayden, Chase, Sid, and Ike). The reception was held in the dining and living room where anniversary guests enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. Entertainment for the evening included a victory by the BHS Demons football team, video games (for the kids) and various board games of strategy by the host. Music provided by Grooveshark.

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